Thurstable and Winstree Team Ministry

serving the parishes of Tolleshunt Knights with Tiptree, Great Braxted, Copford, Easthorpe, Messing, Inworth,
Layer de la Haye, Layer Breton with Birch, and Layer Marney

The 'Layer' Parishes
Layer de la Haye • Layer Breton with Birch • Layer Marney

Parish Magazines

Layer de la Haye Parish Gazette is the parish magazine for Layer de la Haye. It carries news not only about the Church in Layer but also about the village and the activities of several of its organisations. It regularly carries attractive local illustrations drawn by a member of the congregation.

Published once a month, the price in 2019 is being held at 80p a copy (i.e. no increase). If you subscribe on a regular basis you can be guaranteed a copy and we can budget better. To encourage this there is a discount if you pay an annual subscription by the end of January. For 2019 this discounted subscription is £8 per annum (plus postage if required).

Copies of the Parish Gazette are available in the church, The Village Shop, The Donkey and Buskins and the Abberton Reservoir Visitor Centre.

The Parish Gazette is edited by Liz Lazell who welcomes contributions. It lessens the workload if articles, notices or information for inclusion are submitted in electronic form, preferably A5 size. Copy can be sent as email attachments in plain text (*.txt) or as Microsoft Word documents (*.doc or *.docx) or in Rich Text Format (*.rtf). Alternatively copy can be typed or pasted into an email, addressed to   Material can also be submitted in typescript or manuscript by post or hand to 100 High Road, Layer de la Haye. Queries or very brief items can be telephoned to (01206) 734625. Copy should be submitted no later than the 12th of the month prior to month of publication.

The Gazette carries advertisements for local businesses whose support is appreciated. To discuss placing an advertisement please contact Martin Piper by email or telephone him on 01206-734369.

Parish News is a monthly newsletter for the parishes of Birch, Layer Breton and Layer Marney. Sue Walsham took on the role of editor in September (2018). In addition to coverage of Church services and events, Parish News contains news of many other activities and events in the local community, together with articles of general interest.

Circulation: Every month (except January) over 600 copies are printed. These are distributed free of charge to every household in the villages of Birch, Layer Breton and Layer Marney.

Contributing News Items and Articles: News items about local people and events, or articles of local interest, are most welcome. If you have a news item or article to contribute please email the editor. The deadline for submitting items for publication is around the 12th day of the month for the following month's issue, e.g. 12th October for the November issue, which should be delivered to homes at the end of October.

Advertising: For local businesses, advertising in Parish News is an excellent and cost effective way of reaching every house in the three villages, every month (except January). To discuss placing an advertisement please contact Geoff Russell Grant either by email or by calling him on 01206-330235.

Financing: It has always been the policy that Parish News should go to every house in the villages it serves and therefore no charge is made for it. The editor and distributors receive no payment but, obviously, the costs of paper and printing have to be met. This is done through contributions from the Parochial Church Council, Birch Parish Council and advertisers. Additional donations from individuals are much appreciated.

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